Welcome, ye who reads!

Shazam! Up to the interblaahg!

JUST ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL DAY in the life of a young, nerdy kid named Cole.

Swapping the perspective to a nice, appealing first person, my name is Cole, and to put it short, I am a nerd. To make it very clear, I have friends, and to add to that, nerds are cool. You got it? Good. Now that that's out if the way, let's get onto whatever I will say to continue. Keep reading.

So, as the title suggests, Shazam! Up to the Interblaahg! I have a blog on the internet and am taking up space on the Google servers! Do you feel the pride that just welled up inside me? If you did then it had be something else, because this really isn't that much of an accomplished feat of ingenuity. But, nevertheless, I now have a blog on the internet which means one of two things...
  • Anyone who so chooses to venture to this part of the internet to read my blog can do so, and perhaps learn something about me, and if they find the right thing or their interests appeal to mine, make their day just a bit more interesting.
  • I can tell everyone I have a blog! I'd say that's hip or something? But I'd probably misuse the word and have it mean something I totally didn't intend to. 
Well, then, now that you are aware that this is a blog, and a couple simple points about why this blog exists, allow me to briefly cover what one can find among these pages and posts... (another list, oh goodie! It's my lucky day!) ...
  • Dragons
  • Spectrographs and their coherent spectrograms
  • Cool nerdy stuff
  • My attempt at fantasy writing
  • I'd like to say other stuff, but that looks very amateur. But I am amateur, so, other stuff.
Now that you are somewhat familiar with what there is to see here, you may now browse as you please, because anything you see here I meant to be seen. For you! Done.

I wish all who read good luck in life, because, to be honest, we all need it.
The best be with you!
-Cole Frauzel (Zheboram Elocref Xenophenbergenstratt)